A client inquired:

“What do you have to comment about all of the changing energies?”

Our reply:

With the F3 Service™ we are always looking for the underlying Energy that is most likely the cause of the upset to a person’s well-being. What underlying Energy is having an effect on a person’s Subtle Energy System?

What we channeled about the “changing energies”, is that the vibrational frequency of the fabric that underpins this Universe is in a state of fluctuation; it is in motion where it used to be rather constant.

The Energetic Noise from this fluctuation is having a subtle contribution to the upset that is affecting the well-being of this planet, and everything and everyone on this Earth.

Depending on the individual (for those without the F3 Service™) the impact of this Energetic Noise on a person’s Subtle Energy System could manifest in disturbances to a person’s well-being and underlying sense of peace.

To improve the overall well-being of those with the F3 Service, updates have been added to mitigate the impact of the Energetic Noise from this fluctuation in vibrational frequency.

Thank you for your inquiry.

Warmest Regards,
The F3 Service Team



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