Spiritual Minimalism

Spiritual: The physical world is defined by what you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch with your physical senses.  Spiritual is everything which is beyond the physical world.

Discernment: The quality of being able to tell when something is true, or when that something is not true.

Participating in any kind of ritual, whether it is part of a religion or not, is participating in some kind of Spiritual Practice. For recognized religions, it is in the structure of their prayers, the format of their meeting, the hymns recited and to whom they are praying. For the new age Spiritualists, it is the same. It is in the structure of their prayers, their rituals, the format of their gatherings, and to whom they are praying.

Both sectors, recognized religions, and the new age Spiritualists, have much in common with each other. In both, the participants are looking for something, or someone, to help them on their path. To teach them how to be, how to live.

In both, there are prayers and rituals done daily. Do they do them because it is all they know? Is it because during some dark time in their life they felt energy, or emotion, and have mistaken it for power? Is it because, it “healed” them in some way. Or is it that they did not feel alone; they felt connected. Connected to either a group of people or to some Spirit. Did they ever ask: “Should I be doing this?”.

Both sectors come with promises and purpose. A connection to something bigger than themselves. A place to belong. A way of living that gives that broken person some glimmer of hope.

The indoctrinated fill their days with the tasks prescribed by others. Burn this candle, say this prayer, do it this way in this direction, eat this bread, drink this elixir, smudge this room, clear this energy, eat only this food. If you don’t, then you can’t be a part of our group. So, they toil on, longing to feel that same energy as when they first began.

The reason behind a person’s Spiritual Practice is as varied as the number of people on this Earth.

A person who leads or promotes a Spiritual Practice is not inherently a good person. Their charisma, their charm, the power of their words can move you. And, they are quite often designed to move you. To have you participate in their Spiritual Practice. Caught up in the experience, you forget to ask yourself, “Should I be doing this?”.

With the recognized religions it is a little different. Often, you are indoctrinated at a young age. Following the guidance of your parents. Never do they teach you to ask the question: “Should I be doing this?”.

It is the question “Should I?” that is rarely asked.

When you ask that question: “Should I?” …. Where is it that you are supposed to be getting the answer from?

When you ask the question “Should I…” and you phrase the question in a form where the only answer heard could be a “yes” or a “no”, you will get back your answer as a feeling in your physical body.

Some call it their gut feeling… and this is partially true.

If the answer is a “no”, then you may feel a sinking feeling in your gut.

However, if the answer is “yes”, then you may feel a lightness or happy feeling in your chest.

“No” is a sinking feeling in your gut.

“Yes” is a lightness in your chest.

This minimalistic simplicity can be muddied with the influencing energies and emotions of yourself and others. The Truth can be hard to discern, and this is the next layer in your questioning. Does the answer you receive back feel like something that is true.

The quality of being able to tell when something is true, or when that something is not true, is called discernment. It is a person’s discerning nature that allows them to sift through and find what is true. It is this and their inherent knowledge or “knowing” that they use to guide themselves.

At my core, I know that I am Spiritual Being having an experience as a Human Being. I know that I have a consciousness and that I am my Spirit. I know that this human body is connected to my Spirit, and that my Spirit is connected to the source of all creation. I know that my Spirit has greater clarity and scope of vision. My Spirit can see the bigger picture.

When I ask myself, my Spirit, the question “Should I…”, I know that the answers are coming as what is best for me, not what is best for someone else.

With this one tool, the question “Should I…”, I have peeled back the layers of my own Spiritual Practices to what is true for me. Not what others tell me to do. Only those practices where the answer from my Spirit came back with a resounding “YES”.

This minimalistic approach to my Spiritual Practices has lightened me and released me from what felt like burden.

I encourage you to ask the question, “Should I….”.

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