Sending love is such a kind gesture.

It is one of those Spiritual Practices that is very common and is taught in many places.

People are regularly Sending Love to other people, to the Universe, to the Earth, to the Whales…the list goes on.

It is easy to do, and it gives a feeling of satisfaction that you are helping someone or something.


I often receive emails making a request of me to send either “healing” or “love” to another.

I wonder how many others who also received the email, jumped into action and started sending love right away.

Did they stop to ask whether they should? Did the person to whom they are sending these Energies request it, desire it, or give others permission to send it to them?


At its core, sending love is a form of Energy Work or Energy Healing.

It is the transference of Energy from one person, to another person, or thing.

Done so with the intent to affect or promote a desired outcome.


Those who are familiar with Energy Work, will know that there are Energy Layers, or a type of “bubble” that is outside the Human Body. Some call these layers your Subtle Energy Layers, that are governed by your Chakras.

For the purpose of this article, we will call it your Energy Field.


It is in this same Energy Field, where you will find natural Energy Structures that are part of your Energetic Design.

It is also in this Energy Field, where you will find “Other” Energies that are not supposed to be there. One type is called Auric Attachments.


Auric Attachments not only infuse themselves into your Energy Field, they can affect the desired outcome of Energy Work.


When Sending Love, how does this transference work?

What are the mechanics of this?


To explain this in a very basic way, we will use a swimming pool for this example.

Imagine that everyone is standing in the center of their own 12-foot-round, above-ground pool, that is about 4-foot deep. This pool represents their Energy Field.


For the purpose of this analogy, I would like to introduce Sally and Bob*1. They are good friends with each other. Sally lives 5 doors down from Bob.

Sally’s pool is pretty clean as she cleans out the debris and leaves on a regular basis.

However, Bob’s pool is not so good.

The water is murky with many things floating on the surface.

Who can tell what is swimming underneath?


Sally can see that Bob is upset with the state of his pool. It is not clean, and the water levels are low.

Sally chooses to send Bob some of the water from her pool, in the hopes that it will make him feel better.

Sally finds a garden hose and places one end into Bob’s pool.

On the other end, she attaches a water pump and places it in her pool.

Through this connection, she sends Bob some of the water from her pool.


That sounds idyllic, right?

Sally is sending some of the water from her pool to make him feel better.


Sally only intended to send Bob 10 buckets of water through the garden hose.

That is all she consciously did.

However, there were complications:

• Sally never packed up and removed the garden hose when she was done.

• Something that was under the surface of the murky water of Bob’s pool, hooked up their own pump to that hose and started to take the good clean water out of Sally’s pool.

• And at the very same time, that “something” connected up their own additional hose (without the knowledge of Sally or Bob), to pump unwanted sludge into Sally’s pool.



In this example:

• The pool represents a person’s Energy Field

• The hose represents an open connection between Sally and Bob

• Sending water represents Sending Love.

• The “something” that was under the surface of the murky water in Bob’s pool, represents Auric Attachments.

There are many complications that can manifest from the practice of Sending Love.

This is one of many examples. The mechanics of the transference of Energy are all similar.


Connections… it is all about the connections.

In the above example, it is the connection of the garden hose that allowed the transference of water and sludge between the two pools.

The most alarming part is the presence and creation of new connections.

Bob and Sally were not aware of the new connections and did not consciously agree to them being added.

Those connections had a beneficial effect for the “things” under the surface of Bob’s murky water.

And, a detrimental effect to the cleanliness of Sally’s pool.


It is the Energies that are in a person’s Energy Field that contribute to how a person responds to the events and circumstances they experience.

To change a person’s responses, you need to clear or repair, the underlying contributing Energies.

This is the essence of Energy Work.

The person’s “pool” needs to be cleaned.

How do you go about cleaning up a person’s pool?


When considering the overall Energetic Well-Being of a person (the cleanliness of their pool) you need to look at how many connections they have and what Energies are being transferred in and out of their Energy Field through these connections.


To improve their overall Energetic Well-Being not only do you need to clear the Energies from their Energy Field you also need to sever all of the connections.

How do you go about cleaning up these connections and Energies?


First, consider the number of connections.

In the example, through just one interaction between Sally and Bob, there were at least 2 connections.

In everyday life, hundreds of connections form through your interactions with other people, and because of the actions of other people.

Did Bob know that Sally was sending him love?


Second, determine the type of connection and then work out a method to clear this connection.


Do these steps repeatedly until you clear all of the connections.


What we have found through analyzing the Energy Fields of our clients upon first meeting them, is that on average, there are not just hundreds of open connections, but tens of thousands of open connections.


To clear these connections manually “in-session” would take hundreds of hours.

And while clearing them manually, new connections could be forming from other people’s actions.

A manual approach to clearing connections is just not practical.


To automatically clear all of these existing connections and clear newly formed connections we built the F3™ Service.

The F3™ Service works continuously to clear existing connections and newly formed connections.

It does this automatically 24 hours per day.

The F3™ Service is a full-time automatic pool cleaner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a person with the F3™ Service still send love to someone?

Yes, with the F3™ Service you will be able to send love to someone.

The F3™ Service respects your Free Will allowing you to connect your “garden hose”.

When you are done sending love, the F3™ Service will clean up the connections.

And, it will clean up any Energies that worked their way into your Energy Field, as a result of the open connections.


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*1Sally and Bob are fictional names in this example.