Riley’s School Bus: How Auric Attachments can affect everyday life!

In this article our intention is to describe the impact of Energies known as Auric Attachments. If you are looking for a simple, short, reasonable explanation, with clear logic for the behavior of this type of Energy, you won’t find it. It is their true nature to be unpredictable and random, to cause chaos, disruption and delay. They are the underlying Energy that can influence a person’s thoughts and emotions. They can be the nagging voice of doubt that manipulates and controls how a person experiences their life.

Auric Attachments are Energies that infuse themselves into the Energy Field that surrounds and interpenetrates the human physical body. The term Auric Attachment refers to a broad category of Energies which includes Spirit Attachments, Entity Attachments, and other Foreign Intrusive Energies.

Riley’s School Bus

We would like to introduce Riley. Riley is a middle-aged person, who is married with 2 children ages 8 and 3. Both of Riley’s parents currently reside in a nursing home.

Auric Attachments infuse themselves into a person’s Energy Field. They “move in” and then “move around” their Energy Field. To describe the impact of Auric Attachments, we would like to use the example of a school bus to represent Riley’s Energy Field. It is big, yellow, and has flashing lights. It goes everywhere that Riley does, and Riley is in the driver’s seat, (most of the time). To complicate this situation, everyone else also has their own “school bus”, or Energy Field.

If you were to look at Riley’s school bus on any given day you will find the following: a bunch of luggage strapped to the roof that does not belong to Riley, and on the inside of the bus you’ll see what appears to be 50 screaming children playing catch with a bunch of chickens all sitting around a giant white elephant. Hanging on the outside of Riley’s bus there is a troop of monkeys and a giant ape. This giant ape really likes to be at the very front and once in a while it will reach in through the window and yank the steering wheel to the left.

Riley’s situation may seem extreme. However, we have found that this amount is typical. Auric Attachments are a type of energetic intrusion. The weight of the luggage and all the passengers requires extra Energy to keep that bus moving. (Think of a fully loaded dump truck taking off from a stop, they move very slowly, and it takes a lot of Energy to get that truck moving and to maintain its speed.) Riley needs extra Energy just to keep moving. How else do these Auric Attachments affect Riley? Here are some examples:

The Diaper Disaster

Riley had a long day at work. Many fires were put out. Although longing to go home, the following text message is received: “We need milk and diapers… mostly WE NEED DIAPERS”. Riley needs to stop at the grocery store on the way home. On the bus, 20 of the children playing catch with the chickens suddenly stop and move up to the front of the bus. They start to chant: “WE WANT ICE CREAM!”, “WE WANT ICE CREAM!” …. They do not let up until Riley is in the frozen dairy section. Having already picked up the milk, Riley cannot pass up a box of ice cream bars. The chanting from the bus continues, “WE WANT ICE CREAM!”. Feeling confused from the noise in the bus (Riley’s Energy Field), Riley heads to the checkout.

On the way home Riley cracks open the box and has one of the bars. Meanwhile on the bus, all 50 children are getting ice cream through Riley’s sensory experience. All of the children are happy and go to sleep. Then the chickens start clucking the theme song to Gilligan’s Island. Riley starts to sing along to the song.

Riley finally gets home. And while still sitting the driveway, receives this text message: “WHERE ARE YOU? DID YOU GET DIAPERS? THERE ARE NONE LEFT! ☹”. Thanks to the chanting children and singing chickens in Riley’s school bus, Riley could not remember.

The Funeral Fiasco

Riley arrives at the office. The day starts out pretty typical and then at 10 am the news spreads through the office: Morgan in shipping passed away last night. Being relatively new to the company, Riley didn’t even know that there was a person named Morgan that worked in shipping. However, being a family-oriented company, it was decided that the office staff would go to the funeral.

Riley arrived at the church for the funeral. Upon entering the vestibule, the guests were greeted with a rather peculiar photo of Morgan wearing a company shirt and holding a red Swingline stapler.

Riley chooses to sit in the 2nd last row amongst the other office staff, Riley’s closest co-workers. Everything seems to be fine. But then something happens in Riley’s school bus…there is a fight between the 50 children. 20 of them decide to leave for the other school bus in the next row over (the other school bus is the Energy Field of another person). The remaining 30 children on Riley’s school bus start to cry and then wail. Riley, in the middle of the funeral, starts to sob uncontrollably and can’t stop. The white elephant looks at the 30 crying children and says “OK, that’s enough!” gets up and climbs out the window. The elephant saw a better bus and decides to give it a try. It had a lounge chair and served Margaritas every night at six.

Riley feels the loss of the white elephant as it has been there a long time and starts to cry harder.

Feeling embarrassed for crying uncontrollably, Riley is sitting in the parking lot after the funeral. All Riley can think about is Morgan and that red stapler. Well, with good reason, right behind the driver’s seat in Riley’s school bus is a very confused Partial Soul Fragment of Morgan, mumbling on about the red Swingline stapler. It was missing and could not be found anywhere! Morgan’s Soul Fragment eventually gets pushed to the middle of Riley’s bus and is occasionally, faintly heard, mumbling.

Because of the out of place uncontrolled sobbing, the impact of the funeral fiasco is that Riley is viewed as emotionally unstable and is flagged as a risk. Without explanation, Riley is passed over when it comes time to promote someone into management. On top of that, every so often Riley spends time looking for a red stapler instead of concentrating on the upcoming deadline at work.

The Nursing Home Nuisance

Growing up Riley spent every weekend on family excursions perfectly planned by Riley’s parents. Everything from a town parade to hiking along the coast. These excursions were a big part of their family life and continued into Riley’s adulthood. The reigns have been passed on and now Riley plans excursions for the whole family. At least once a month these excursions include Riley’s parents.

Riley’s parents started having children a little later then they originally planned. By the time Riley was ready to marry and have children it was time for Riley’s parents to consider some alternative living arrangements. They were still doing ok. They were able to move around, however, having a house of their own started to be too much. About a year ago Riley made a career move to a neighboring city. As the monthly excursions were still a big part of everyone’s life, it was decided that Riley’s parents would sell their home and move to a nursing home close to their grandchildren in this new city.

Riley, having only spent a few months in this new position was still rocked from Morgan’s funeral. Riley’s school bus was a rowdy mess as its occupants were still jockeying for position. All of them were fighting for a better seat. The void created by the elephant leaving was quickly being filled by both the existing occupants, and some newcomers as well. Some wanting a window seat, some trying to grab the wheel, and some wanted to sit right behind the driver’s seat to make their “demands”.

One of these newcomers is Beatrice. Beatrice is an Earthbound Conscious Energy, and for the lack of a better term, Beatrice is a ghost. She passed away in the same nursing home where Riley’s parents currently live, just before Riley’s last visit. Not having any belief in the afterlife, she refused to “go into the light”. Instead, she saw a vacant seat on Riley’s school bus and climbed aboard.

Beatrice was 95 years old when she passed. She was set in her ways and had a tenacious personality. All her life she valued proper etiquette and manners. It was drilled into her by her mother, and in turn she drilled it into her children and everyone else she could influence. Everything from how a person sits, to how a person speaks, and even which side of the plate the fork is placed. Her claim to fame was a book on etiquette that was published in 1964, which she referred to often and always carried a copy with her.

Riley was at the nursing home for the next family get away to pick up Riley’s parents. Everyone was to travel in the same vehicle together for this one, so a passenger van was rented. To get to their room Riley had to pass through a hallway filled with the residents of the nursing home. It was an eye opening “experience”. Some of them could no longer talk. They were wheeled out of their rooms to view visitors as they walked through the hallway to get to their loved ones. Riley had passed by Beatrice’s old room. This is when Beatrice boarded Riley’s bus.

Since then every time Riley slouched there was an “inside” voice shouting: “sit up straight; you are not a jelly fish; where is your back bone?”. It was Beatrice in the seat behind the driver. Beatrice watched everything through the windshield of the bus. Quite often, she would pipe up and correct Riley’s behaviour. Sometimes smacking Riley with her book. Beatrice was such a strong personality that she even took charge of the others in the bus; keeping them in line and in their seats. Riley’s bus became quiet and organized, all controlled by Beatrice. Everyone longed for the elephant to return.

Beatrice’s influence is subtle at first. After a while she gets stronger and stronger. Riley starts to exhibit some rather odd behavior. For every family dinner the table is set perfectly. Forks and knives placed accordingly. Like a fine dining restaurant. Etiquette became important. Before Beatrice, it was not even considered. Eating meals with their fingers used to be a normal thing, NOT ANYMORE! One forgotten please or thank-you sets Riley off.

Riley stops planning normal family outings and has become obsessed with proper manners, and proper etiquette. Camping trips, which was a regular type of trip, is never planned, it is considered too primitive. Hiking? Too dirty and too many bugs. Through Beatrice’s oppressive control, Riley’s family loses what made their family unique and fun. The mention of the family outing has them running in the opposite direction as the outings are no longer enjoyable. Riley has no idea what has become of their family.


Everyone has an Energy Field that surrounds and interpenetrates their human physical body, their own “school bus”. We used the character named Riley to illustrate the impact of one type of Energy that we refer to as Auric Attachments. There is a variety of them on and in Riley’s school bus. They “move in” and “move around”. They transfer to other school buses (Energy Fields of other people) when it suits them, regardless of the impact on Riley.

What would Riley’s experience be like if there wasn’t anything on or in Riley’s school bus? What if Riley’s Energy Field was cleared of Auric Attachments and constantly kept clear? Would the diapers have been forgotten? Would there have been uncontrollable sobbing in the middle of a stranger’s funeral? Would Riley’s family outings have been affected?

Let’s consider all Energies that fall into the category of Auric Attachments, including Spirit Attachments and Entity Attachments, an energetic intrusion. They do not belong. Auric Attachments are not part of a person’s natural Energy Field.

The F3 Service™ is an Energy Healing Service that provides Personal Energy Protection by automatically and continuously clearing Energies and severing Energetic Connections. This also includes the automated clearing of all Auric Attachments.

The F3 Service™

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The F3 Service™ operates like a shield around you.  The F3 Service™ provides a barrier on the “Exterior Surface” of your Energy System preventing new Foreign Energies, including Spirits and Entity Attachments, from connecting to you and impacting your Energy. 1

We begin applying the F3 Service™ to you when we process your order.  The F3 Service™ is applied to your whole Energy System, not your home or location.  Once the application has started, the F3 Service™ works for you 24 hours a day.  It goes where you go!

At the same time the F3 Service™ is shielding you, it works to clear the backlog of Foreign Energies that were there before you began the F3 Service™.

The F3 Service™:

  • Clears Spirit Attachments (Ghosts or Earthbound Conscious Energies)
  • Clears Entity Attachments (Goblins, Trolls, etc.)
  • Clears Psychic Attack Energies (Enslaving, Manipulating, Disempowering and Controlling Energies)
  • Clears Energetic Connections (Bindings, Cords, Strings, Chains, Energy Pathways, etc.).
  • Severs your connection to all Soul Contracts.
  • Retrieves, clears and reintegrates all Soul Fragments and Soul Units.

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Foot Notes:
  1. One of the core features of the F3 Service™ is preventing new Foreign Energies from attaching to you, operating like a shield.  The shielding function of the F3 Service™ will be available to you for as long as you continue with the F3 Service™.


In the story “The Funeral Fiasco” the character Morgan has a possessive relationship with a red Swingline stapler. This is a reference to the character named Milton Waddams played by Stephen Root in the film Office Space (1999).

Office Space. Directed by Mike Judge. Performances by Stephen Root. Judgmental Films, 1999.

Gilligan’s Island. Directed by Rod Amateau, Ida Lupino, and Stanley Z. Cherry. Gladasya Productions, CBS Productions, and United Artists Television, 1964-1967.