C3 Crossover Service™

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The C3 Crossover Service™

Someone close to you has passed away. We sympathize with the emotions you are experiencing. Life will be a whirlwind as the celebration of life is planned.

In this whirlwind, those who are Spiritual will wonder or ask: “Did their loved one crossover correctly or completely?”. They are correct to have this concern.

The physical body is only one small part of what makes up a person’s Energy System. After the physical body dies the rest of the components of the Energy System are supposed to ascend and rejoin their Spirit in the Spirit Realm.

Truthfully for most people exiting this life, their Energy System is already in fragments at the time of their passing. This means that only a very small portion of their Spirit, if any, crosses over properly.

For example, this was the state of one person’s Energy System after they passed:

  • 453 Soul Units in existence (there should only be 1)
  • 12,300 Soul Fragments remaining (there should be 0)
  • 24 million Soul Contracts still in process (there should be 0)

The F3 Service™ is our Energy Healing Service that provides Personal Energy Protection by automatically and continuously clearing Energies and severing Energetic Connections.

When the F3 Service™ is first applied to a person, their Energy System goes through a massive clean-up. This clean-up involves cleaning up all Soul Units and Soul Fragments and clearing all Soul Contracts. The person’s Energy System also goes through our Ascension Protocol™, which provides that person with our Enhanced F3 Framework™.

The purpose of the Ascension Protocol™ is to ensure that when someone with the F3 Service™ dies, all aspects and components of their Spirit are returned to the Spirit Realm and then reunited with their Spirit.

The C3 Crossover Service™ is for your loved ones who have recently passed away.

With the C3 Crossover Service™, your loved one’s Energy System will receive the same Energy System Clean-up that is part of our F3 Service™, including our Ascension Protocol™.

This will ensure that they are crossed over properly and completely.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I order the C3 Crossover Service™ for my loved one who has recently passed away?

A: Add the C3 Crossover Service™ to your cart and on the Checkout Page please include their name in the Order Notes field.

Q: How long will it take to complete the C3 Crossover Service for my loved one?

A: Depending on the initial condition of their Energy System and the complexity of the Soul Contracts and other various factors, the complete Energy System Clean-up could take 2-3 months.

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