Choice and Creation

In the song “Roar” by Katy Perry, there is the lyric: “I guess that I forgot I had a choice”

There are so many things that we do unconsciously without giving it a second thought.  Most of us when we are learning to drive, are nervous and are thinking about every action.  We are consciously choosing to move the wheel this way or that way. With 20 years of driving experience you flow and move fluidly with the car.  No longer do you think about the motions of your hands and feet.  How you live, and every action you do, can become like that as well.  For example, the Morning Routine.  Every morning starts with coffee and toast. You’ve long forgotten what it was like to make toast on your own for the first time, much like driving a car.  Things that were once difficult or stressful you can do without thinking about it.  You have chosen them to be part of your routines.

Every action you take is a choice.  For most of what you do you are not conscious of that choice.

Many choices are made for you and this is part of growing up.  Your parents, teachers and peers shape you and show you how to be.  They create routines for you often modeled after their own routines. “What are you going to be when you grow up?”, seems to be our first exposure to choice.  However, I don’t recall ever being told that it was a choice.

My point is that for most of us the word “choice” seems to be unfamiliar.  It is not our way of being.  What you choose to eat, wear, do, think, feel, and how you respond, shape how you are and how you present yourself to others.

To create something different, you need to choose actively and consciously.  Verbalizing your choice really sets things in motion.  It does not need to be about big, enormous, life changing things.  Start small.  It is about exercising the “choice” muscle.

I choose to wear pants today.  I choose to have tea with breakfast.  I choose to be friendly with my co-workers.  I choose to take that class.  I choose.

Follow up the choices with actions.  This is where your power to create comes in.  You can choose to take a class, however if you don’t lift your hands to register then your choice did not create any changes for you.  Really, you just talked about it.  All of your choices, whether you perceive them as bad or good, are your responsibility.  You choose everything and in turn are responsible for your choices.  There is not a get-out-of-jail-free card here and you cannot put the blame on someone else for your choices.  You can’t say “I choose that because they…”.  At every level of your being you are the keeper of your choices.

What you have already created, and the power to create comes from your choices. Your routine, however complex it is, was created by your choices.  Most have forgotten that they are choosing. Their routines are automatic and they flow through them unconsciously.

Change, real change, comes from the power of making a choice.  The conscious choice to do or be something different.  To leave a situation that is unhealthy, stressful, or unfulfilling, requires choice.

“I choose to leave”

“I choose to create something different”

These choices allow your energy to flow in the direction you are choosing.  Exercising your “choice” muscle will have you actively creating and building a life that makes you sing and feel good.

Now that you know you have a choice, what will you create for yourself?

The F3 Service™

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The F3 Service™ operates like a shield around you.  The F3 Service™ provides a barrier on the “Exterior Surface” of your Energy System preventing new Foreign Energies, including Spirits and Entity Attachments, from connecting to you and impacting your Energy. 1

We begin applying the F3 Service™ to you when we process your order.  The F3 Service™ is applied to your whole Energy System, not your home or location.  Once the application has started, the F3 Service™ works for you 24 hours a day.  It goes where you go!

At the same time the F3 Service™ is shielding you, it works to clear the backlog of Foreign Energies that were there before you began the F3 Service™.

The F3 Service™:

  • Clears Spirit Attachments (Ghosts or Earthbound Conscious Energies)
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  • Clears Energetic Connections (Bindings, Cords, Strings, Chains, Energy Pathways, etc.).
  • Severs your connection to all Soul Contracts.
  • Retrieves, clears and reintegrates all Soul Fragments and Soul Units.

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Foot Notes:
  1. One of the core features of the F3 Service™ is preventing new Foreign Energies from attaching to you, operating like a shield.  The shielding function of the F3 Service™ will be available to you for as long as you continue with the F3 Service™.