How the Dead Affect the Living

Let’s talk about ghosts. They are also known as Spirit Attachments, or Earthbound Conscious Energies. A ghost was part of a living person at one point in their existence. Most people think of ghosts as that “thing” that is off in the corner or haunting a building. But what if they attached themselves to you?

What is a Living Person?

Before we talk about what a ghost is, we would like to describe a person who is alive.

In this reality everything exists as Energy. Along with their physical body, there is an Energy System that surrounds them and interfaces with their physical body. This Energy System is referred to as a person’s Soul.

Please Note: There is a complex structure or framework to a person’s Energy System. When we use the term Soul, we are referring to a group of several components. For more information click here.

What happens at birth?

Before a person is born their Soul (or Energy System) is in the Spirit Realm with their Spirit. Sometime between conception and birth their Soul descends into this reality (or Universe) to surround and interface with their physical body. This is when the Soul enters their physical body. The Energy System of a newborn is the same size as that of an adult. It is only their physical body that is tiny.

What happens when someone dies?

When a person dies, it is their physical body that dies. Their Soul continues to exist. When the death of the physical body occurs, the Soul leaves their physical body and it is supposed to ascend back to the Spirit Realm to be with their Spirit.

What is a ghost?

When a person’s physical body dies, if their Soul does not ascend to the Spirit Realm, they become a ghost or Earthbound Conscious Energy.

The reason for not ascending is as unique as the individual. There is this romantic notion from the movies that they have a message or some unfinished business that they must complete. Ghosts are often a confused fragment of the person they used to be. It is best to focus on helping this lost Soul return to the Spirit Realm to be rejoined with their Spirit.

What happens when a ghost attaches to someone?

When a ghost or Earthbound Conscious Energy attaches to someone they surround and interface with their physical body the same way that they used to surround and interface with their old physical body that died. They go from being an Earthbound Conscious Energy or ghost to a Spirit Attachment.

How does a Spirit Attachment affect someone?

As a Spirit Attachment, they have access to everything that their host feels and every thought that they have. This also means that when they choose to, they can contribute their own opinion, their voice, in order to influence the choices of their host. They can be that loud nagging voice in their head that does not rest, or quiet and subtle with an occasional whisper. Each Spirit Attachment has their own style with the same variety of personalities as the living. Regardless, a person with a Spirit Attachment is being influenced by something other than themselves.

The amount of influence a Spirit Attachment has over the person they are possessing, depends on the strength of the Spirit Attachment and when they choose to step forward.

When a Spirit Attachment steps forward they become the dominating voice. Imagine that you are in your own personal private elevator. For no reason a Spirit Attachment steps on to your elevator. They push you to the back of the elevator, take control over the buttons, and then stand in the prime position at the front of the elevator. The next time the doors open – it is the Spirit Attachment that does all the talking. While this is occurring, you are still there in the background watching everything that is happening.

How can the dead affect the living?

A Spirit Attachment that has possessed a living person has an all-access pass to their physical body. A person who experiences unexpected or unexplainable emotion like sadness might be feeling the sadness generated by the Spirit Attachment. The Spirit Attachment could be grieving the loss of their own “life”.

A Spirit Attachment could have possessed a living person because that person smokes the same brand of cigarette that they used to enjoy. The Spirit Attachment is feeling the pleasure of smoking every time the person smokes. In this situation the person and the Spirit Attachment have a common addiction. The issues start to arise when the person chooses to stop smoking. The Spirit Attachment may step forward to demand another cigarette. Making it very hard for the person to stop smoking. In this moment, it is no longer their addiction they are dealing with, it is the addiction of the Spirit Attachment. The thing that is scary is that this might not be the first person this Spirit Attachment has possessed. This might be their fourth one and they might have themselves originally died from lung cancer caused by smoking.

Do you have a Spirit Attachment?

Everyone enjoys a good ghost story. Most people think of ghosts as that “thing” that is off in the corner or haunting a building… somewhere else. But what if they attached themselves directly to you? How can you tell?

We wish that there was a concrete, definite sign that you have a Spirit Attachment. If you have one that is “quiet” or subtle you wouldn’t be able to tell. For the most part both Spirit Attachments and Entity Attachments behave the same way. In our blog post “Entity and Spirit Attachments: There’s never just one!” we show all the different types of attachments we have cleared from 4 different people. For each clearing there was more than one Spirit Attachment or ghost that needed to be cleared.

Remember that Spirit Attachments have access to a person’s thoughts. They will know when their host is looking at Energy Clearing or Energy Healing. They will do their best to influence and steer them away from anything that has to do with Energy Clearing. The truth is Spirit and Entity Attachments are intrusive and can override a person’s Free Will. They do not belong, and with that said there isn’t any reason why someone wouldn’t benefit from being cleared of all Spirit and Entity Attachments.

Ask yourself the question: “Should I go for an Energy Clearing to have Spirit Attachments removed from me?” If you are met with a feeling of resistance or you actually hear a resounding “NO” inside your head that you know wasn’t you, we can help you.

How can we help you?

We offer an Energy Clearing Service call the F3 Service™. We clear all Spirit Attachments from you. They are gently removed from you and then they are returned to the Spirit Realm to be rejoined with their Spirit.

The F3 Service™

  • Continuously Shields You from Spirit and Entity Attachments.1
  • Is applied to your whole Energy System.
  • It goes where you go!
  • Works for you 24 hours a day.
  • Is Remote Energy Healing.
  • No Appointment Needed.

The F3 Service™ operates like a shield around you.  The F3 Service™ provides a barrier on the “Exterior Surface” of your Energy System preventing new Foreign Energies, including Spirits and Entity Attachments, from connecting to you and impacting your Energy. 1

We begin applying the F3 Service™ to you when we process your order.  The F3 Service™ is applied to your whole Energy System, not your home or location.  Once the application has started, the F3 Service™ works for you 24 hours a day.  It goes where you go!

At the same time the F3 Service™ is shielding you, it works to clear the backlog of Foreign Energies that were there before you began the F3 Service™.

The F3 Service™:

  • Clears Spirit Attachments (Ghosts or Earthbound Conscious Energies)
  • Clears Entity Attachments (Goblins, Trolls, etc.)
  • Clears Psychic Attack Energies (Enslaving, Manipulating, Disempowering and Controlling Energies)
  • Clears Energetic Connections (Bindings, Cords, Strings, Chains, Energy Pathways, etc.).
  • Severs your connection to all Soul Contracts.
  • Retrieves, clears and reintegrates all Soul Fragments and Soul Units.

The F3 Service™
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Foot Notes:
  1. One of the core features of the F3 Service™ is preventing new Foreign Energies from attaching to you, operating like a shield.  The shielding function of the F3 Service™ will be available to you for as long as you continue with the F3 Service™.