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Most frequent questions and answers

The F3 Service™ is our innovative Energy Healing Solution that provides continual clearing of Entity Attachments (Trolls, Goblins, etc.) and Spirit Attachments (Ghost, Earth Bounds, etc.).

The problem with clearing entities and ghosts is that once you clear them, others show up and work their way into your Energy System. 

They are attracted to your light.  The cleaner your Energy System is the more attractive you are to Entity and Spirit Attachments. 

Those who know how to clear Entity and Spirit Attachments will clear themselves often, sometimes hourly, depending on their situation.

Where does that leave everyone else?  We developed the F3 Service™ to solve this very problem. 

The F3 Service™ is an Energy Healing Service that provides Continual Energy Protection1 by automatically clearing Energies including Entity and Spirit Attachments.

  • The F3 Service™ is ALWAYS ON1 preventing the “energetic low” you get between traditional Energy Healing Sessions.
  • It blocks Ghosts and Entities from attaching to you, stopping their impact on your energy levels, peace of mind and well-being.
  • It clears Energetic Connections severing ties to Negative Energies and Experiences.
  • It clears Psychic Attack Energies (Enslaving, Manipulating, Disempowering, and Controlling Energies) so you will not “feel it” when they talk about you.
  • It severs your connection to all Soul Contracts releasing you from Ancestral Patterns and Programs.
  • It retrieves, clears, and reintegrates all Soul Fragments bringing a sense of wholeness; revitalizing and shifting your Energy for your own growth.
  • The F3 Service™ strengthens and protects communication with your own Spirit allowing a stronger channel.
  • It is applied to your whole Energy System, it goes where you go, helping you to be your true, authentic self.

To get started with the F3 Service™ we only need your name and your address.

If you are ordering for someone else, please provide their name and the address of where they live in the order notes.

For the F3 Service™ we do not require a photo, a lock of hair or any other physical substance.

We received this note:
“In doing my energy work with people over the years, when they could not be present physically, I needed a photo or a lock of hair, or something of that nature to tune into and work on them. However, in this instance, all I gave you was my name and address. How is your approach different?

In our article Our Approach to Energy Healing we describe the method that we use as The Ask Method.

To provide the F3 Service™, we work with our Spirit Guides in the Spirit Realm communicating with a person’s Spirit.

Using this top-down format, we avoid creating any direct Energy Pathway Connections with our clients in this reality.

Because of our approach, we do not require any photo or physical substance to provide the F3 Service™.

We created the F3 Service™ to be a simple as possible for you. 

To get started we do not require any information about what you are experiencing.

Even though we received A Description of a Haunting from a client, it was not needed for us to start and complete the clearing.

If you are starting the F3 Service™ with the hope that we resolve a specific issue, it is helpful to keep track of the changes you are experiencing.  

How much you choose to share is completely up to you.

The F3 Service™ starts when we process your order.

We are located near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Our time zone is EST (Eastern Standard Time). Our office hours are from Monday to Friday, 10am to 3pm.

We will send you an email from with the subject line: “F3 Service™: Your order has been processed.” when your initial clearing has begun.

When we process your order there are 3 important steps:

Step 1: The application of the F3 Service™:

As part of the F3 Service™ we provide and maintain a protective barrier1.  After we complete the application we consider all Energies and Connection Endpoints within this barrier to be Internal Energies.  All others outside the barrier are External Energies.

It is this protective barrier that prevents new External Energies from attaching to you and it is an essential part of providing continual clearing.

Step 2: The Initial Clearing

Once the application of the protective barrier is complete, the F3 Service™ then goes to work on the Initial Clearing.  This is the clearing of Internal Energies and Connection Endpoints within the protective barrier that were present in your Energy System when we applied the F3 Service™.   Depending on the types and quantities of Energies, the Initial Clearing can take 3 to 10 days.

Step 3: Continual Clearing and Maintenance:

We apply a layered approach to the continual clearing. 

The Initial Clearing is the clearing of just the first layer of Energies and Connections.  We list what we clear in this layer in the F3 Service™ Progress Report.

Once the Initial Clearing is complete, the F3 Service™:

  • Prevents new External Energies from attaching to you.
  • Maintains the level of clearing reached at the completion of the Initial Clearing. In our layered approach, clearing of the first layer takes precedence. For more information please see: Energy Based Activities and the F3 Service™
  • Continues to clear beyond the first layer. When time and Energy Permission permit, the F3 Service™ will work on clearing deeper layers of more complex Energies.

Currently, we do not.  We know this might seem odd given all the detail in the examples on our website.  We used to gather all kinds of information before we began the Initial Clearing.  Over time, we evolved our process to remove this lengthy step to help our clients faster.  We still gather information, but only after a large portion of Energies have already been cleared.

We appreciate that for some, the desire to know all the details of what we are clearing might provide some peace and certainty.  It is often quite easy to look backward making statements like “I was feeling bad because of XYZ.”.  Our hope for you, is that you spend your time and energy in the present, looking forward to a future free of Entity and Spirit Attachments. 

When you complete the ordering process you will receive a confirmation message on the screen if the order was successful. 

You will also receive an order confirmation email from with the subject line: “F3 Service™: Thank you for your order.”

Please note that our online billing system verifies your payment information when you place your order.  The billing details must match the name and address on file with your credit card company. 

Yes, you can purchase the F3 Service™ for your family.

When you request the F3 Service™ for your family members, we routinely check to ensure we have Energy Permission to apply the F3 Service™. 

What is Energy Permission?

Energy Permission is the act of checking to see if there is permission to do something.  Energy Permission comes from that person’s Spirit.

Can I purchase the F3 Service™ for my family without purchasing it for myself?

When you purchase an F3 Service™ Family Plan, you must include yourself.

Yes, we have Family Plans offering a discount at 4 or more Family Members. 

We have the following Family Plans:

F3 Service™ Family Plan 4 is for 4 Family Members.

F3 Service™ Family Plan 5 is for 5 Family Members.

F3 Service™ Family Plan 6 is for 6 Family Members.

For the F3 Service™ you do not schedule an appointment to get started. 

The application of the F3 Service™ begins when we process your initial order. It is designed to be gentle so that it does not impact or interrupt you. 

We created the F3 Service™ to be a simple as possible for you. 

We do not need you to perform any actions to assist. 

However, if you choose to work on clearing something, the F3 Service™ will work with you respecting Energy Permission and your Free Will.

Foot Notes:
  1. One of the core features of the F3 Service™ is preventing new Foreign Energies from attaching to you, operating like a shield.  The shielding function of the F3 Service™ will be available to you for as long as you continue with the F3 Service™.