Recently we had the opportunity to apply the F3 Service™ to a newborn baby. Before we applied the F3 Service™, we took a detailed inventory of the type and quantity of Spirit and Entity Attachments. We know that there isn’t any protection naturally built-in to protect a person from Spirit and Entity Attachments. Even knowing this, what we did find attached to this newborn – shocked us.

When does the Soul enter the Body?

In this reality everything exists as Energy. Along with your physical body, there is an Energy System that surrounds you and interfaces with your physical body. This Energy System is referred to as a person’s Soul.

The Energy System of a baby or toddler is the same size as an adult. It’s only their physical body that is tiny.

Before a person is born their Soul (or Energy System) is in the Spirit Realm with their Spirit. Sometime between conception and birth, their Soul descends into this reality (or Universe) to surround and interface with their physical body. This is when the Soul enters their physical body.

When a baby is born their body is already around nine months old. For this baby, their Soul entered their physical body at around the 3-month mark of their gestation.

At the time of birth, their Energy System or Soul was already in place and interfacing with their physical body for 6-months.

How Strong Are They?

Before we discuss what was found attached to this newborn, we need to talk about Relative Strength. When someone is having an issue with a Spirit or Entity Attachment, it is often said that they have a strong Attachment that is dominating them. This domination can be in the form of thoughts and/or emotions that are presenting themselves, but whose origin is clearly not from the person who is experiencing them. This quality of ‘strength’ contributes to how well an attachment can step-forward and dominate.

So, how strong are they? Using a combination of channeling and muscle-testing we can determine the strength of the attachment. Let’s start by assigning a Strength Value of 1000 units for a person. Using this scale, we can determine the strength of the attachment relative to the strength of the person.

If the Relative Strength of the Attachment is greater than 1000 units, then we consider the attachment to be stronger than the person.

How Many Attachments Did We Find?

The following is a detailed list of the Entity and Spirit Attachments that were already attached to the baby at two separate moments in time. The first moment was just after they were born. The second moment was at one-month of age right before we applied the F3 Service™.

Just After Birth One-Month Old
Energy Category Total # Detected Relative Strength (units) Total # Detected Relative Strength (units)
Psychic Attack 2 5 86 10,700
Spirit Attachment (Ghost) 2 664 4 7,200
Proximity Energy 1 44 1 44
Incidental Exposure 1 203 6 1,208
Thought Field 42 802 92 4,800
Manipulating Energy 2 965 53 9,820
Disempowering Energy 87 5,674 85 28,800
Enslaving Energy 96 26,700 192 382,000
Controlling Energy 12 2,472 120 282,000
Entity Attachment (Elf) 8 8,000 38 38,000
Entity Attachment (Goblin) 12 25,500 28 98,400
Entity Attachment (Gremlin) 4 3,600 2 1,200
Entity Attachment (Hobbit) 2 460 2 460
Entity Attachment (Imp) 1 460 1 460
Entity Attachment (Nymph) 4 440 1 110
Entity Attachment (Ogre) 0 8 1,600
Entity Attachment (Reptilian) 8 4,300 28 38,000
Entity Attachment (Salamander) 1 420 1 420
Entity Attachment (Sprite) 2 250 1 90
Entity Attachment (Troll) 1 12,200 3 18,200
Entity Attachment (Werewolf) 0 5 3,200
Entity Attachment (Wyvern) 5 3,400 12 18,200

To keep it simple, let’s focus on the Energy Category of Spirit Attachments. Just after birth there were two Spirit Attachments with a total relative strength of 664 units. And at one month of age, they had four Spirit Attachments with a total relative strength of 7,200 units. At one month old, this newborn baby whose strength was 1000 units, was already having to fight to be the dominant voice.

Please see our blog post: How the Dead Affect the Living to learn more about the impact of Spirit Attachments.

There is No Minimum Age Requirement for the F3 Service™

From the information collected about the different types of attachments, you can see that this newborn baby did not have to experience “living” for years before they amassed a dramatic number of attachments. Already, there was a variety of Energies that were well-established on the day that they were born.

Yes, it’s only a little baby, and they were only just born. But, because of the nature of this reality, it does not make a difference.

And because of this truth… there’s no minimum age requirement for the F3 Service™.

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