What? But it’s a little baby – and it was only just born!

I saw him cry for milk. It was unlike anything I have ever seen.

A Haunting is NOT Just an Adult Problem!

Children and babies can be impacted too.  We cleared Spirit Attachments (or Ghosts) and Entity Attachments from a newborn baby. 

What we found attached to him is shocking. However, it is not uncommon.

There is No Minimum Age.

This newborn baby did not have to experience “living” for years before they amassed a dramatic number of attachments. The impact can be a notable change in their mood or behavior or a sudden onset of unexplained nightmares.

We Can Help You!

Are you or your child experiencing the unexplainable, “stranger things”?  We specialize in clearing Spirit and Entity Attachments from people, including children and babies.  We talk more about our service at the end of this article.

When Can “Attachment” Start?

For this baby, their Energy System became “active” around 3-months after conception.  Attachments were possible starting as early as 6 months before they were born. 

The Energy System that surrounds you and interfaces with your physical body is where Spirits, Ghosts, and Entities attach themselves.  The Energy System of a baby or toddler is the same size as an adult; it is only their physical body that is tiny. 

Can an Attachment Step-Forward and Dominate You?

What do we mean by that?  Imagine something taking over the controls and talking through your mouth.  You can hear them speak and then wonder to yourself why you said that.  When someone is having an issue with a Spirit or Entity Attachment, it is often said that they have a strong Attachment that is dominating them. This domination can also be in the form of thoughts and/or emotions that are presenting themselves, but whose origin is clearly not from the person who is experiencing them.

The quality of ‘strength’ contributes to how effective an attachment can step-forward and dominate. If the Relative Strength of the Attachment is greater than 1000 units, then we consider the attachment to be stronger than the person.

How Many Attachments Did We Find?

The following is a detailed list of the Entity and Spirit Attachments that were attached to the baby at two separate moments in time. The first moment was just after they were born. The second moment was at 1-month of age right before we cleared them.

Just After Birth One-Month Old
Energy Category Total # Detected Relative Strength (units) Total # Detected Relative Strength (units)
Psychic Attack Energy 2 5 86 10,700
Spirit Attachment (Ghost) 2 664 4 7,200
Manipulating Energy 2 965 53 9,820
Disempowering Energy 87 5,674 85 28,800
Enslaving Energy 96 26,700 192 382,000
Controlling Energy 12 2,472 120 282,000
Entity Attachment (Elf) 8 8,000 38 38,000
Entity Attachment (Goblin) 12 25,500 28 98,400
Entity Attachment (Gremlin) 4 3,600 2 1,200
Entity Attachment (Hobbit) 2 460 2 460
Entity Attachment (Imp) 1 460 1 460
Entity Attachment (Nymph) 4 440 1 110
Entity Attachment (Ogre) 0 8 1,600
Entity Attachment (Reptilian) 8 4,300 28 38,000
Entity Attachment (Salamander) 1 420 1 420
Entity Attachment (Sprite) 2 250 1 90
Entity Attachment (Troll) 1 12,200 3 18,200
Entity Attachment (Werewolf) 0 5 3,200
Entity Attachment (Wyvern) 5 3,400 12 18,200

What does this mean for the Baby?

At 1-month old:  They had 4 Spirit Attachments with a total relative strength of 7,200 units

This newborn baby, whose strength was 1000 units, was already having to fight to be the dominant voice.

Over many years, we have learned what is required to protect a person from Entity and Spirit Attachments.  What we can clearly see is missing from the human body is any kind of naturally built-in protection.  Knowing this, what we found attached to this newborn is still shocking.

Yes, it is only a little baby, and they were only just born. But because of the nature of this reality, it does not make a difference.

And because of this truth… there is no minimum age.

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Foot Notes:
  1. One of the core features of the F3 Service™ is preventing new Foreign Energies from attaching to you, operating like a shield.  The shielding function of the F3 Service™ will be available to you for as long as you continue with the F3 Service™.