The Everyday Energy Vampire

Everyone has heard about vampires. What about Energy Vampires?

What do they look like?

Do they lurk in the shadows waiting to pounce?

Energy Vampires look like everyone else.

It is not what they look like, it is how they operate that earns them the Energy Vampire title.

Their actions are purposefully set up to trap and deplete another person or group of people.

This depletion is about the transference of Energy.

The post titled “Sending Love” is a good example of the Energy Mechanics of the transference of Energy that can happen between people.

In the case of Energy Vampirism, it is agreements and bindings that establish connections.

This allows the Energy Transfer. For more insight on connections, see the article “Are you Connected?”.


Here is an example of the behaviour of an Energy Vampire:

Imagine a natural food grocery store, the kind that offers health and beauty items.

It is 15 minutes before closing. There are only a few staff members remaining to serve customers.

There is only one clerk at the checkout.

They do the final call to the customers to bring their purchases to the front.

This person, the Energy Vampire, is waiting near the checkout counter.

Waiting for them to make the announcement.

They move slowly to the checkout counter. Slowly. But still fast enough to be first in line.

There are many items in their cart.

Some are discounted, and some do not have the price marked at all.

A line up of 8 people forms behind them.

I am the last in line. I am not in a hurry. I am observing from a distance.


This person has a pointed question for every item in their cart.

15 minutes passes.

They are still at the check out.

There is still a line up behind them.

The checkout clerk has begun to lose patience and is finally exhibiting exhaustion.

They are no longer ok.

The remaining staff are running to do price checks, trying to help this customer complete their transaction and leave the store.

They are so occupied, that they do not have an opportunity to open a second checkout to help the other customers.

The other customers are still waiting.

They are no longer patient. Their emotional frustration is growing.


The only person who is “energized” by this situation, is the Energy Vampire, who continues to hold up the line with their items and questions.

The Energy Vampire is calm.

They couldn’t help but turn their head away from the clerk to reveal a sly smile.

Just enough to hint at their intent.

On an energetic level, something is definitely happening to this group of people.

Stress, anxiety and emotions are being generated and a type of theft is occurring.

But neither money nor valuable items are stolen. So how could that be?


What is happening to the checkout clerk?

What is happening to the remaining staff?

What is happening to the waiting customers?


They are no longer able to behave like their regular selves and there is no end in sight.

Because of the Energy Connections established by the Energy Vampire, the transference of Energy continues long after they have left the store.

This event is still felt afterwards, in the form of anger and complaints about what they experienced.


This is but one example of an encounter with an Energy Vampire.

Sometimes they are easy to spot, but others are not so obvious.


The biggest clue is the “stealing” of time.


The person who digs on and on through their wallet or purse to get the exact change.

Smiling and explaining that they are trying to help the store clerk so that they have change for the next person.


Or, the person who talks in circles recapping the same explanation, over and over, hammering it in, creating more exhaustion and confusion than when the question was first asked.


Each of these instances demonstrates how an Energy Vampire can affect others, taking time from them and leaving them feeling drained.


In the above natural food grocery store example, I could recognize and observe the situation that was happening.

I did not feel drained or trapped or emotional.

Why? Because I have the F3 Service™.

The F3 Service™ blocked all of the energetic connections that the Energy Vampire was trying to create and use on me.

This allowed me to observe their behaviour and the behaviour of others.

My only inconvenience was the amount of time I waited for this person.

I was fully aware of this and with my free will intact, I chose to stay and observe.

The F3 Service™ continually severs connections and offers protection from the disorientation and drain of an Energy Vampire.

The F3 Service™

  • Continuously Shields You from Spirit and Entity Attachments.1
  • Is applied to your whole Energy System.
  • It goes where you go!
  • Works for you 24 hours a day.
  • Is Remote Energy Healing.
  • No Appointment Needed.

The F3 Service™ operates like a shield around you.  The F3 Service™ provides a barrier on the “Exterior Surface” of your Energy System preventing new Foreign Energies, including Spirits and Entity Attachments, from connecting to you and impacting your Energy. 1

We begin applying the F3 Service™ to you when we process your order.  The F3 Service™ is applied to your whole Energy System, not your home or location.  Once the application has started, the F3 Service™ works for you 24 hours a day.  It goes where you go!

At the same time the F3 Service™ is shielding you, it works to clear the backlog of Foreign Energies that were there before you began the F3 Service™.

The F3 Service™:

  • Clears Spirit Attachments (Ghosts or Earthbound Conscious Energies)
  • Clears Entity Attachments (Goblins, Trolls, etc.)
  • Clears Psychic Attack Energies (Enslaving, Manipulating, Disempowering and Controlling Energies)
  • Clears Energetic Connections (Bindings, Cords, Strings, Chains, Energy Pathways, etc.).
  • Severs your connection to all Soul Contracts.
  • Retrieves, clears and reintegrates all Soul Fragments and Soul Units.

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Foot Notes:
  1. One of the core features of the F3 Service™ is preventing new Foreign Energies from attaching to you, operating like a shield.  The shielding function of the F3 Service™ will be available to you for as long as you continue with the F3 Service™.