Energy Based Activities and the F3 Service™

Every activity that you participate in has an underlying energetic impact that alters or influences your Energy System.  Even the simplest activities like buying a coffee or reading a newspaper.

The F3 Service™ is a distance-healing service that operates like a shield.  It provides a barrier preventing Energies from all activities from impacting your Energy System. 1

The most unique feature of the F3 Service™ is that it is ALWAYS ON. 1

Taking this into account, we would like to let you know how the F3 Service™ operates when you choose to participate in an “Energy Based” activity.

An Energy Based Activity is any activity that is intended to alter or influence a person’s Energy System.  This includes in-person or distance-healing sessions, meditations, group meditations, prayers, rituals, and other Spiritual Practices.

When you choose to participate in an Energy Based Activity, we employ a layered approach.  Based on Energy Permission some Energies may be allowed through the barrier of the F3 Service™ so that you can “feel the energy” of the activity.2 Regardless of the intent of the activity, there are some Energies that will never be allowed through, including Spirit and Entity Attachments.3

Once the Energy Based Activity is completed, the F3 Service™ goes back to blocking all External Energies.  At the same time, it works to clear the backlog of the new Internal Energies that were allowed in from your participation in the Energy Based Activity.

Think of it this way:

Your Energy System is like your house.  You live in it.  You bring things into it.  Sometimes it gets messy.  Sometimes things pile up. Generally, it requires constant maintenance to keep it clean and to keep the appliances, electrical and plumbing working. You hire us, the F3 Service™, to protect your house (Energy System) from top to bottom.  We clear all the surfaces. We secure all the windows and doors making sure that nothing unexpected creeps in.

As part of your normal practice you participate in a daily ritual of meditation.  As part of this meditation you look at your house (still talking about your Energy System) and choose to bring in some unusual items and add to the bookshelves. While you are doing this, you unlock and open a couple doors. 

Once you have completed your meditation, the F3 Service™ goes to work “cleaning up” your house.  It will close and secure all the openings before it clears away the items that are not supposed to be there.  Sometimes we find items that came in through the open doors as part of the ritual that were not what you intended. Items like Energy Pathway Connections, Soul Contracts, and Fragmenting Energies. 

It is important for you to realize that if you are doing a ritual on a daily basis, then a cleanup is also necessary on a daily basis!

We realize that everyone is on their own spiritual path and that it is not our place to tell you what you should or should not do.  One of our core beliefs is that everyone is entitled to their own free will… everyone needs to be able to make their own choices, and in the same right, be responsible for the outcome of their choices.

We originally set out to create something that would automate the clearing of Spirit and Entity Attachments.  This became the core of the F3 Service™ and then it grew from there.  We realized that to help the most people we needed to shape the F3 Service™ to allow each person who uses our service to grow at their own pace. 

What we are hoping for (as you participate in Energy Based Activities or Spiritual Practices) is that you pay attention to what your own Spirit is trying to communicate to you.  Please pay attention to what you are to learn.   There are several articles on our website that talk about different aspects of Spirituality.  Articles about choice and free will.  One article discusses Spiritual Minimalism.  This is the practice of going through your Energy Based Activities and asking questions about them, and discerning whether you should, for yourself, continue with them.   This includes any Spiritual Practices or Energy Based Activities you may have inherited as a part of growing before fully realizing your own voice.

With respect to Energy Based Activities, if afterwards they leave you with a feeling that is not so nice, then it is time to sit and listen to your own voice when you ask the question “Should I…”. 

Please see our blog article: “Spiritual Minimalism”.


  1. One of the core features of the F3 Service™ is preventing new Foreign Energies from attaching to you, operating like a shield. The shielding function of the F3 Service™ will be available to you for as long as you continue with the F3 Service™.
  2. What is Energy Permission? Energy Permission is the act of checking to see if there is permission to work on something.  It comes in the form of a yes or a no.  With respect to allowing Energies through the barrier of the F3 Service™ when you are participating in an Energy Based Activity, that Energy Permission comes from your own Spirit.  Your Spirit may grant permission to allow Energies through the barrier of the F3 Service™ for a variety of reasons including bringing something to your attention to raise your awareness.
  3. At no point will the F3 Service™ allow Spirit Attachment Energies or Entity Attachment Energies (Class 1) through the barrier of the F3 Service™ regardless of the intent of the Energy Based Activity. Entity Attachment Energies (Class 1) have consciousness and Energy Systems of their own. When they attach to someone they surround and interact with the newly acquired physical body and its Energy System. Entity Attachment Energies (Class 1) include: Daemons, Elves, Gnomes, Goblins, Gremlins, Hell Hounds, Hobbits, Imps, Nymphs, Ogres, Orcs, Oreads, Ouphes, Reptilians, Salamanders, Sprites, Trolls, Werewolves, and Wyverns.

The F3 Service™

  • Continuously Shields You from Spirit and Entity Attachments.1
  • Is applied to your whole Energy System.
  • It goes where you go!
  • Works for you 24 hours a day.
  • Is Remote Energy Healing.
  • No Appointment Needed.

The F3 Service™ operates like a shield around you.  The F3 Service™ provides a barrier on the “Exterior Surface” of your Energy System preventing new Foreign Energies, including Spirits and Entity Attachments, from connecting to you and impacting your Energy. 1

We begin applying the F3 Service™ to you when we process your order.  The F3 Service™ is applied to your whole Energy System, not your home or location.  Once the application has started, the F3 Service™ works for you 24 hours a day.  It goes where you go!

At the same time the F3 Service™ is shielding you, it works to clear the backlog of Foreign Energies that were there before you began the F3 Service™.

The F3 Service™:

  • Clears Spirit Attachments (Ghosts or Earthbound Conscious Energies)
  • Clears Entity Attachments (Goblins, Trolls, etc.)
  • Clears Psychic Attack Energies (Enslaving, Manipulating, Disempowering and Controlling Energies)
  • Clears Energetic Connections (Bindings, Cords, Strings, Chains, Energy Pathways, etc.).
  • Severs your connection to all Soul Contracts.
  • Retrieves, clears and reintegrates all Soul Fragments and Soul Units.

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Foot Notes:
  1. One of the core features of the F3 Service™ is preventing new Foreign Energies from attaching to you, operating like a shield.  The shielding function of the F3 Service™ will be available to you for as long as you continue with the F3 Service™.