The F3 Service™ works with other Spiritual Practices and other Energy Healing Modalities providing extra support where you need it most.

Energy Based Activities and the F3 Service™

Every activity that you participate in has an underlying energetic impact that alters or influences your Energy System.  Even the simplest activities like buying a coffee or reading a newspaper. The F3 Service™ is a distance-healing service that operates like a shield.  It provides a barrier preventing Energies from all activities from impacting your Energy … Read more

Frightened haunted man cowering behind pillow.

A Description of a Haunting

Read the personal story of a haunting. It is not what you might expect. See what was cleared.

Foreign Energies

Foreign Energies – What are they?

Ghosts, Spirit Attachments, Entity Attachments, Psychic Attacks, Energetic Bindings and other Connections all impact your Energy. This article describes the different types.

The F3 Service™ clears entities and ghosts 24 hours a day.

The F3 Service™ is ALWAYS ON

We were asked: “Hello, is your work permanent? I have had some bad surprises when I thought I was clear. I have bad dreams and get woken up etc….”. Our work is better described as continuous. One of the core features of the F3 Service™ is preventing new Energies from attaching to a person, operating like a shield.

Face of newborn being held by parent.

What? But it’s a little baby – and it was only just born!

Recently we had the opportunity to apply the F3 Service™ to a newborn baby. Before we applied the F3 Service™, we took a detailed inventory of the type and quantity of Spirit and Entity Attachments. What we found attached to this newborn – shocked us.

man tormented by ghosts

How the Dead Affect the Living

Let’s talk about ghosts. They are also known as Spirit Attachments, or Earthbound Conscious Energies. A ghost was part of a living person at one point in their existence. Most people think of ghosts as that “thing” that is off in the corner or haunting a building. But what if they attached themselves to you?

3 White Ghosts

Entity and Spirit Attachments: There’s never just one!

We are often asked: “Is there an Entity causing a person to be or to act this way?” The term Entity was used in the singular form. There are a variety of Energies including Entity Attachments and Spirit Attachments, that could be the underlying contributor to a person’s responses. What we can tell you for … Read more

A Big Yellow School Bus

Riley’s School Bus: How Auric Attachments can affect everyday life!

The true nature of the type of Energy known as Auric Attachments, including Spirit and Entity Attachments, is to be unpredictable and random, to cause chaos, disruption and delay. They are the underlying Energy that can influence a person’s thoughts and emotions. They can be the nagging voice of doubt that manipulates and controls how a person experiences their life.

Spiritual Framework

A framework illustrates how something is structured. To aid in our explanations we often refer to our Spiritual Framework. It is a visual representation of the non-physical spiritual world that surrounds our physical existence.

Our Approach to Energy Healing

Introduction: Everyone has the same basic desire to feel good; to feel energetic; to have energy to spare at the end of the day. What that means to each individual is personal and it is defined by what they know. The sum of their personal experiences. What is good for one person, might not be … Read more