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Are You Connected?

Are You Connected? Everyone seems to have a desire to be connected to everyone else. We have observed others' proclaiming, "We are one”. Or “We are all connected”. Or "Get Connected". Have they considered whether they should be connected? Most importantly,...

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Choice and Creation

Choice and Creation In the song “Roar” by Katy Perry, there is the lyric: “I guess that I forgot I had a choice” There are so many things that we do unconsciously without giving it a second thought.  Most of us when we are learning to drive, are...

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Riley’s School Bus: How Auric Attachments can affect everyday life!

The true nature of the type of Energy known as Auric Attachments, including Spirit and Entity Attachments, is to be unpredictable and random, to cause chaos, disruption and delay. They are the underlying Energy that can influence a person’s thoughts and emotions. They can be the nagging voice of doubt that manipulates and controls how a person experiences their life.

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Spiritual Framework

A framework illustrates how something is structured. To aid in our explanations we often refer to our Spiritual Framework. It is a visual representation of the non-physical spiritual world that surrounds our physical existence.

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Our Approach to Energy Healing

Introduction: Everyone has the same basic desire to feel good; to feel energetic; to have energy to spare at the end of the day. What that means to each individual is personal and it is defined by what they know. The sum of their personal experiences. What...

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Universe – Changing Energies

A client inquired: “What do you have to comment about all of the changing energies?” Our reply: With the F3 Service™ we are always looking for the underlying Energy that is most likely the cause of the upset to a person’s well-being. What underlying Energy...

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The Everyday Energy Vampire

Everyone has heard about vampires. What about Energy Vampires? What do they look like? Do they lurk in the shadows waiting to pounce? Energy Vampires look like everyone else. It is not what they look like, it is how they operate that earns them the Energy...

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Sending Love

Sending love is such a kind gesture. It is one of those Spiritual Practices that is very common and is taught in many places. People are regularly Sending Love to other people, to the Universe, to the Earth, to the Whales…the list goes on. It is easy to...

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Spiritual Minimalism

Spiritual: Anything that is beyond the physical world that you can see, hear, smell, taste or touch. Discernment: The quality of being able to tell when something is true, or when that something is not true. ~ Participating in any kind of ritual, whether...

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F3 Service™

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It is Energy Clearing that continuously severs Connections and clears Foreign Energies.

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