The F3 Service™ works with other Spiritual Practices and other Energy Healing Modalities providing extra support where you need it most.

Energy Based Activities and the F3 Service™

Every activity that you participate in has an underlying energetic impact that alters or influences your Energy System.  Even the simplest activities like buying a coffee or reading a newspaper. The F3 Service™ is a distance-healing service that operates like a shield.  It provides a barrier preventing Energies from all activities from impacting your Energy … Read more

Ferris Wheel Continually Working

The F3 Service™ is Continuous

We were asked: “Hello, is your work permanent? I have had some bad surprises when I thought I was clear. I have bad dreams and get woken up etc….”. Our work is better described as continuous. One of the core features of the F3 Service™ is preventing new Energies from attaching to a person, operating like a shield.

man tormented by ghosts

How the Dead Affect the Living

Let’s talk about ghosts. They are also known as Spirit Attachments, or Earthbound Conscious Energies. A ghost was part of a living person at one point in their existence. Most people think of ghosts as that “thing” that is off in the corner or haunting a building. But what if they attached themselves to you?

Cables and Connectors

Are You Connected?

Are You Connected? Everyone seems to have a desire to be connected to everyone else. We have observed others’ proclaiming, “We are one”. Or “We are all connected”. Or “Get Connected”. Have they considered whether they should be connected? Most importantly, what type of connection have they agreed to? Granting someone permission to your Energy … Read more

Many Doors to Choose From

Choice and Creation

In the song “Roar” by Katy Perry, there is the lyric: “I guess that I forgot I had a choice” There are so many things that we do unconsciously without giving it a second thought.  Most of us when we are learning to drive, are nervous and are thinking about every action.  We are consciously … Read more

Spiritual Framework

A framework illustrates how something is structured. To aid in our explanations we often refer to our Spiritual Framework. It is a visual representation of the non-physical spiritual world that surrounds our physical existence.

Our Approach to Energy Healing

Introduction: Everyone has the same basic desire to feel good; to feel energetic; to have energy to spare at the end of the day. What that means to each individual is personal and it is defined by what they know. The sum of their personal experiences. What is good for one person, might not be … Read more


The Everyday Energy Vampire

Everyone has heard about vampires. What about Energy Vampires? What do they look like? Do they lurk in the shadows waiting to pounce? Energy Vampires look like everyone else. It is not what they look like, it is how they operate that earns them the Energy Vampire title. Their actions are purposefully set up to … Read more


Sending Love

Sending love is such a kind gesture. It is one of those Spiritual Practices that is very common and is taught in many places. People are regularly Sending Love to other people, to the Universe, to the Earth, to the Whales…the list goes on. It is easy to do, and it gives a feeling of … Read more

Spiritual Minimalism

Spiritual Minimalism

Spiritual: The physical world is defined by what you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch with your physical senses.  Spiritual is everything which is beyond the physical world. Discernment: The quality of being able to tell when something is true, or when that something is not true. Participating in any kind of ritual, whether … Read more