The F3 Service Team

We are a team of Energy Healers.  We are also the people next door.  We live in a neighbourhood, have friends and family.  With our work the kinds of things that we deal with would keep most people up at night. “Who you gonna call?” The about page is where you would normally find photos and names of the team members. However, we are choosing not to share our names or photos based on guidance we have channeled. 

We know this is a little awkward.  We know that most people will need to know who is doing Energy Work on them.  We are hoping that the examples of our work and testimonials can stand on their own and let you know that we can help you.  We are asking you to choose the F3 Service™ based on your own knowing, intuition and guidance.

Why You Will Not See Names or Pictures of the F3 Service Team

Imagine being numb, and following what you were brought up to do, think, feel.

Imagine an experience, a defining moment where all that you knew was brought into question.

Imagine learning that there is a whole other aspect, an energetic aspect, to your very existence.

You go on a quest to find meaning and explanation.  You do as you have been brought up to do, you find teachers, someone to follow.

As the shackles come off, you enter the world of Energy Healing.

You learn that you have an innate ability, and a knowing that you cannot seem to find in others.

The goodness or benevolence of the teachers you chose to follow comes into question.

You have an existential investigation into this world of Energy Healing where you come to realize that it is not all that it seems.

You discover that there is a light and a dark side to all there is, including the world of Energy Healing.

You come to realize that there are those who use their innate abilities to energetically harm or enslave others.  And they do so while painting themselves as benevolent and loving.

Now imagine declaring to yourself that you will help others.  Those who have been energetically harmed or enslaved.

Imagine making this declaration public.  Imagine giving those who harm others not only your name, but your picture, and your exact location.

We wish that the world of Energy Healing were all peace, love, sunshine, and lollipops. The truth is there too many people and too many places without any light.

It is because of the energetic things that are intentionally done to harm or control someone, that we chose to help others by specializing in clearing energies including Entities, Ghosts, Bindings, Connections and Psychic Attacks.

Origin of the F3 Service™

The problem with ghosts and entities is that once you clear one, another one shows up to take its place. It is because of this truth it is necessary to take steps to clear yourself frequently and daily.  This is true for clearing spaces as well as for clearing attachments from people. Just clearing a “space” is not enough.

When a ghost or entity attaches to a person it can affect them in a variety of ways.  You could experience an extreme shift in your personality.  You may have thoughts or emotions that do not feel like you.  You may feel a “drain” in your energy.

We started with in-person Energy Healing sessions.  The essence of these sessions was to do energetic corrections using a variety of tools.  Using muscle-testing we determined which energy corrections your Energy System ordered from our menu of techniques.  Each energy correction was designed to balance your energy in a specific way.  Each energy correction had to be fully completed before the next one could begin.  To do the most for our clients we aimed to fit in as many energetic corrections as possible in their session.

We started measuring how long each correction took.  What we observed was that when our client was not cleared of Entity and Spirit Attachments, the energetic corrections took much, much longer to complete and fully process for them.  We also noticed that some energetic corrections could be undone with the presence of Entity and Spirit Attachments in their Energy System.  The problem with ghosts and entity attachments was becoming very evident.

We began working on the solution to stop entities and ghosts from attaching to a person.  We chose to build a solution that would also gently and respectfully clear Entity and Spirit Attachments and return to the Spirit Realm in the same way that we did with our manual clearings.

After many months we had a working solution.  For our in-person clients this now meant that they could receive many more energetic corrections during their sessions.  They felt far less impact from ghosts and entities between sessions.  This allowed for greater and deeper progress as they pursued healing from their past experiences.

Having achieved success with the continual clearing of Entity and Spirit Attachments we added ALL the energetic corrections on our menu from our in-person sessions to this new foundation we built.

After 30,000 hours of development we are pleased to offer our Energy Healing Solution.  We call it the F3 Service™.

The F3 Service™ is a set of
Energy Healing Protocols
that work for you 24/7.

Features and Benefits

  • The F3 Service™ is ALWAYS ON preventing the “energetic low” you get between traditional Energy Healing Sessions.
  • It blocks Ghosts and Entities from attaching to you, stopping their impact on your energy levels, peace of mind and well-being.
  • It clears Energetic Connections severing ties to Negative Energies and Experiences.
  • It clears Psychic Attack Energies (Enslaving, Manipulating, Disempowering, and Controlling Energies) so you will not “feel it” when they talk about you.
  • It severs your connection to all Soul Contracts releasing you from Ancestral Patterns and Programs.
  • It retrieves, clears, and reintegrates all Soul Fragments bringing a sense of wholeness; revitalizing and shifting your Energy for your own growth.
  • The F3 Service™ strengthens and protects communication with your own Spirit allowing a stronger channel.
  • It is applied to your whole Energy System, it goes where you go, helping you to be your true, authentic self.

For more information see “Getting Started with the F3 Service™

The F3 Service™
Personal Plan

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Questions or Comments?

If you have questions or comments about the F3 Service™, please contact us.
Foot Notes:
  1. One of the core features of the F3 Service™ is preventing new Foreign Energies from attaching to you, operating like a shield.  The shielding function of the F3 Service™ will be available to you for as long as you continue with the F3 Service™.