The F3 Service™

The F3 Service™
restores your Energy!

More Energy to PLAY!

More Energy for WORK!

More Energy for LOVE!

The F3 Service™ is an Energy Healing Service that provides Personal Energy Protection by automatically and continuously clearing Energies and severing Energetic Connections.

This video illustrates the operation of the F3 Service™:

Our Approach to Energy Healing

We are constantly being impacted and influenced by external energetic forces. The influx of Energies and Energetic Connections is nonstop. Our approach with the F3 Service™ is to automatically and continuously clear all of them. Read Full Article…

Riley’s School Bus: How Auric Attachments can affect everyday life!

The true nature of the type of Energy known as Auric Attachments, including Spirit and Entity Attachments, is to be unpredictable and random, to cause chaos, disruption and delay. They are the underlying Energy that can influence a person’s thoughts and emotions. They can be the nagging voice of doubt that manipulates and controls how a person experiences their life. Read Full Article…

The False Light Loop

There are many patterns, illusions, bindings and contracts to keep you very busy, occupied and completely distracted. Why does this “Living” Experience feel “off” or “out-of-sorts”? What is the False Light Loop? Read Full Article…

Spiritual Framework

A framework illustrates how something is structured. To aid in our explanations we often refer to our Spiritual Framework. It is a visual representation of the non-physical spiritual world that surrounds our physical existence. Read Full Article…

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the F3 Service™. More Information…

Choice and Creation

In the song “Roar” by Katy Perry, there is the lyric: “I guess that I forgot I had a choice”. For most of us the word “choice” seems to be unfamiliar. Change, real change, comes from the power of making a choice. Read Full Article…

C3 Crossover Service™

The C3 Crossover Service™ is for your loved ones who have recently passed away. With the C3 Crossover Service™, your loved one’s Energy System will receive the same Energy System Clean-up that is part of our F3 Service™, including our Ascension Protocol™. This will ensure that they are crossed over properly and completely. More Info…

The F3™ Service

F3™ Service

The F3™ Service provides
Personal Energy Protection.

Automated Energy Clearing
that continuously severs Connections and clears
Foreign Energies.

Everything is made of Energy.

Everything is made up of Individual Energies organized together in a designed way. This is true for both the physical and non-physical worlds.

Consider this:

  • You are a Human Being.
  • And, you are an Energy Being.
  • You have both physical and non-physical components that make up your Energy System.

You generate your own Energy.

The F3™ Service is designed to give you access to ALL of the Energy you generate.

What happens when you clear the Foreign Energies that are not part of the intended design of your Energy System?


Your Energy Levels go up!

You gain focus and clarity!

Energy Healing

We offer a comprehensive and unique approach to Energy Healing. Accessing a full circle of knowledge and understanding, we have created a remarkable service called the F3™ Service.

Appreciating that everyone is on their own journey and has their own level of interpretation and understanding, we have created a resources area for you.


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F3 Service™

The F3 Service™ provides Personal Energy Protection.

It is Energy Clearing that continuously severs Connections and clears Foreign Energies.

This video illustrates the operation of the F3 Service™: